Thursday, September 26, 2013

The Theros Beta Seven


A plane we can understand more fully as it mimics our own Greek and Roman mythos'.  As we see Theros bloom in full before us, it is again time to look back to the games beginnings. How would the college students and artists of the early 90's have envisioned gods, and enchantments that are also creatures?

This post attempts to do just that. While the utmost care has been put into keeping the cards as Beta specific as possible, some changes to what was done were inevitable. Thus Legends exist. 

On an aside, do you know which card was the very first Legendary Artifact? You might be surprised and how few there are in the old frame.

The Seven

One of each color, a land, and an artifact. Yes, the "bident" is edited from a trident. Deal with it.

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  1. lookin good. typo in Nykthos. "an choose an amount..." should be and, not an at the start of that.

  2. For Purphoros, firebreathing read like so I think the End of Turn stipulations are new.