Friday, October 25, 2013

5 (ish) Generals, Volume..Um..I Lost Count. 3 Maybe?

Congratulations Are In Order

A great friend of The Factory, the ManaDeprived podcast Heavy Meta has released their milestone 50th episode. Instead of a marquee guest, Matty, Kevy, and Ferret turned to their loyal fans, and gave anyone that wanted it a moment on the show. Mad props boys, and, congratulations! 

Social Media

I'm on Twitter @TheProxyGuy Feel free to request renders, shoot the shit. Whatever. Occasionally I give out some prizes.

Some Cards

Not really feeling up for any further fanfare. Enjoy! 

The Rasputin I don't believe I've shared here before. This is the right time, so here he is!

Art Links

Rasputin Dreamweaver :

Lady Evangela : NSFW I edited out a nipple for the render.

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