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Flash artist is incorrect. The artist is Michael Komark. 

 Mishra's Workshop artist is incorrect. The artist is Sam Burley.

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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Factory Workers Contest 7/4

The Theme

Matty and Brandon got together in Z's absence and chose any card from Vintage Masters as the theme for the contest this time out. And to top all of that off, we have not one, but two celebrity judges for this contest. Stepping in for Matty and Z are the upside-down man Les Kershaw and the holder of the 3 Rules of the Universe, Franky Richards.

The Sponsors

The home of the contest is the Z's Proxy Factory Google+ Community. Our amazing friends at ManaDeprived and Face to Face Games are the proud sponsors of the contest, with store credit prizes of $40 to first and $10 to second place.

The Entries

Harrison Almey
Overall Score - 20
This doesn't look like a Magic card to me. 

Good on you for entering the competition and trying a new twist on a MTG card, having it look and function like a Tarot card is a different way to get the subject across. Keep going!
While I like the idea of creating a card with a tarot feel, I find this one left too much of the "magic" out. The mana cost while there is rather obscure and the 2 seems haphazardly scrawled on top of something else. Clean up those details!

Thomas Driessen
Overall Score - 22.5
I don't dislike it, but at the same time it doesn't really stand out. The oracle text on this card is really bad, so for me it would have been better served textless. The image selection is probably the best part as it's pretty much spot on what you think this should look like.

This is a sweet entry and ticks all the boxes except for one box, the black text on the background is lost a bit, I really wanted to see all the hard work you did with the show texture in the text box more. The frost treatment is a very nice touch and gives the card that bit more punch Good job.
You have some cool added textures, but overall this render feels overly safe...especially compared to the rest of the entries.

Adam K
Overall Score - 22.75
I like the image and the hyeroglyph are a neat idea, however I had no idea what the card was before I saw the name. I think if you're gonna pull off the hyeroglyphs, you need to use a very recognizable character, for instance there was no mistaking Elesh Norn with anyone else.

I looked at this card and just didnt know what it was, The Glyphs are cool but not the focus of the piece, text needs to show what the card can do and Im just like a tourist in a foreign land right now. Technically a good layout and the center of the card is clean, good work
The hieroglyphs are are pretty cool. Though pyramids are tombs, I dont quite the feel from the art choice of a land that does damage as a trade for the benefit it provides...seems to have more of a mystical undertone.

Jake Roberts
Overall Score - 24.25
I like the card choice here. Not a huge fan of how the bars come out with the blur, but the layering is well done. I went back and looked at what Jake had submitted in the past and I really love his stuff. Keep plugging at it bro, love your Scion btw! :-)

Ok lets deal with the main issue right off, If I didn't know what the card did then the bars in front would kill the play-ability of the card. I couldn't use this in my cube because of that reason, this is where artistic license takes over, finding a clever way to show the card text would solve the problem, BUT because this is a competition you want it to look as good as possible. Apart form that the nuts and bolts of the layout  and execution of the piece is very nice. The texture and color changes of the text box and main title bar is well done and work with the overall feel for the card.
Jake you really stepped up. I think you made some great choices in the composition of the art with the bars really feeling in the foreground. Your textures choices look great against the art..I only wish the the whole bottom textbox had the underwater bluish hue on the right as it does on the left. Very very nice job...I think this is a stepping stone render for you. Excited for what you come up with next.

Daemon Garso
Overall Score - 24.5
I really like this one. The cartoonish feel comes out very well and I like the color composition. The one thing I don't like is the area of the card name, I feel the box sticks out too much, toning it to 50% visibility would probably make it much smoother.

Very nice render! This has the dream state feel to the card, Technically you can see a few things that need to be checked off to really sell the card, small things like a drop shadow effect on the arms and the casting cost images of the swamp are kind of skewed. What I do like is the semi opaque text box to show the text (you will see me refer to this later on) Good work 
Welcome to the contests! A very vibrant art choice. I would like to see more of a connection between the art and the frame elements next time around. Sweat the small of the mana symbols is missing a shadow and the other is misaligned. Keep them coming!

Ignacio Bascoy
Overall Score - 24.75
I like the concept, however it's tough to compete with beautifully rendered high-res images when going this route, every little detail would have to be perfect. I like the title, but the fonts in the text box and the weird characters don't do it for me.

The comments on the Factory site kind of said it all, a contract with a demon is not like a Demon tutoring you in the dark arts. It all ends the same no doubt. Well done for thinking outside the box. If I were to print this out I would more that likely burn the edges to give that feel you were going for, good work.
Sick. Dripping with flavor. The idea of using this brilliant choice of art on parchment really clicks with me. Very simple. Very elegant. I can't wait to see this against a black sleeve. Love it. Great job.

Kyle Nisswandt
Overall Score - 25.75
Really funny, simple and well done. Good image choice, good reference. The card type and mana cost could have used more work.

This is the card I want to print out and put in my cube. What a brilliant way to really make Desert Twist look awesome. I mean with all the sand flying everywhere and the..... hold on that's water...Noooo! That was so close to a homerun! I mean it had flying sharks! The execution was spot on and the layout was great apart from the 4GG thing, Magic players are a strange lot, it there isn't the green trees on there they wont know what 4GG means (sad but true) BUT I would still put it in my cube as a conversation starter.
Laughed my ass off when I saw this...too perfect. Your font treatment for the title and rules text is spot on to the cult hit and makes up for most of this score along with the art choice. I do wish you had figured out a better way to display the information at the top / mana cost. Not for Sale is unreadable.

Tyler O'Halloran
Overall Score - 26
The only thing I don't like about this one is the name cut off on two lines, seems like a more elegant solution should have been considered. Besides that, I find it's a very artistic rendition that really matches with the card. I can clearly feel it's blue, while being all over the place at the same time. A solid entry.

I like this, it takes me on a journey that some people might find uncomfortable. It gives me the feeling of what chaos a Morphling might go through and that is a win for me. The only thing letting me down is the text box, it would be too hard to read if I were to print this out. I can imagine a Dali type semi opaque text box to compliment the artwork. But the work you did with the mana symbols are top notch.
This is another one that I simply was not expecting but absolutely love what I see. Can't stop looking at the art...I see something new everywhere I look. The treatment of the mana symbols is killer...some of the text may slide close to unreadable but overall this is a render I would love to have sleeved up at my own table. Great job.

Tony Osterloh
Overall Score - 26
I'm a big fan of this one, it appeals to me for the attention to details. The color composition is very appealing. I like how again the surface of the water is used for framing. The textual elements are sharped and well placed. The flavor text is just gravy. I love it.

A pillar of Magic and a fan fav for many Magic Players, this render has done justice to the card. The artwork is clear and the text is relevant. It doesn't feel over worked and it shows the subject well. I like what u did with the M15 frame as well. If I didnt have a Foil Man O' War already I would add this to my cube.
I like alot of the choices you made here. Art is amazing and a sure flavor win for the card. I not a fan of the border treatment at the bottom and wish it was a smooth curve without the square chunk taken out. Overall nice job.

Robert Calhoun
Overall Score - 26.25
Good entry, however somehow it doesn't resonate with me. No mistakes, but I have the feeling it missing a little something to tie it all together. Maybe if it represented a card I cared about I'd be more excited about it. For John Wayne fans, it probably scores a 9 at least.

I like how you moved things around to work with the artwork. The flavor of this card is just about right, the only thing that got me was the location of the mana symbols for the casting cost. Like I said before, Magic Players are picky like that. But overall a nice piece.
This was the last thing I expected to see, but I love it. Card and art choice are a perfect fit. Everything you have done here adds a little something to the whole...from the amazing flavor text to your font choices. My favorite detail is the tastefully simple spill on the hat. Crazy well done.

Judson Gruber
Overall Score - 27.25
Great card choice and great cultural reference, I mean Bill Murray, who beats that guy? It's fun that the art reminds a bit of the Amy Weber version as well. The floating VMA icon is and waterline acting as a pseudo frame is great. I also like the use of fonts and colors on the card. The only thing I would change would be to drop the text on the blue mana symbol in the text box. It's fine on top, but didn't scale down well.

I really like this card, When I saw this card I had visions of Bill Murray on his boat talking about the sea. This card is presented in a clever way, I really like the Mana Symbol and the work put into that. Again the text felt like it was over worked, But a nice render.
Dude...Your renders are infectious. Such a great choice of art using Steve Zissou for this, really love the way the colors choices make the whole thing pop. Futura title is the cherry on top. Only...only thing I see that I would change is to pull the "instant" text and ship a little farther away from the border.

The Winners

Edging into the winners braket by .25 of a point is Patrick and this Demonic Tutor.
Amazing art choice with a great tone for the scene. I like the simplicity of keeping the original font for the card name and mana cost, you know right away you're looking at a Magic card. The tombstone text box is a great idea and done just right if you ask me. I see no mistakes.
Now this card made my cube and is fitting in well with all the other works of art in the cube, Everything looks good except the text box, when I printed it out it was hard to read. But that was the only thing that held it back from a higher score. Good work Patrick!
A completely different take from the other tutor, but also dripping with the flavor. Choice of art is crazy creepy cool. The treatment of the lower text box is straight up sick, though the wood texture may tip it toward green slightly....all around love the treatment you gave this.

Welcome back Trevor! You've been here before, so take a bow and enjoy the win!
Here's another classic card that scores nostalgia points for me. I like the tone of the image and how the border is used to frame the scene. The essential elements are all there and come out crisply. The character is slightly mysterious, you're not sure what he's up to, but it seems like it could be dangerous.
Trevor is bringing sexy back! Artwork is powerful and works with the subject matter, the subtle workings on the minimalistic card frame shows of the art but still brings the art back to a magic card. Its a  push and pull fight we all deal with when making a proxy. This shows how much time a person has been at this when u see it done right. The smoke from the hole shows the skill level here, great job
Wow. This is just simply awesome to look at. I think you did everything that you set out to did make the spell feel more black but that was the intention. One of my favorite touches is the simply elegant simple of the wood on the left. Only gripe is I wish the shadow on the title matched the mana cost shadow....other than that small detail I think this is just perfect. Amazing.

Total Scores

Trevor Davis - Channel - 28.5
Patrick D - Demonic Tutor - 27.5
Judson Gruber - High Tide - 27.25
Robert Calhoun - Stoic Champion - 26.25
Tony Osterloh - Man-O'-War - 26
Tyler O'Halloran - Morphling - 26
Kyle Nisswandt - Desert Twister - 25.75
Ignacio Bascoy - Demonic Tutor - 24.75
Daemon Garso - Recurring Nightmare - 24.5
Jake Roberts - Tyrant's Choice - 24.25
Adam K - Ancient Tomb - 22.75
Thomas Driessen - Kjeldoran Outpost - 22.5
Harrison Almey - Wheel of Fortune - 20

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