Monday, April 21, 2014

Panorama Basic Lands


People tend to like lands, as they generally comprise 40% or so of a deck. Mana-less Dredge and Belcher folks can sit this one out.

The only type of basic lands that garner more attention are the panorama lands that crop up from time to time. I was tasked with creating some panorama basics, with no restrictions as to what the final product should look like. The project began as a Jund only requirement, with a focus on the swamps in particular. The second I finished the first, I knew I was expanding it to include the full cycle.

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A Cycle of Panorama Basics

I can no longer share the art links I used as CGHub has fallen victim of the current crisis in the Ukraine. 

The request had the focus on swamps, hence the 2nd set.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Darksteel Citadel, Tron Style

The Contest

As you may or may not be aware of, we run a contest on the G+ Community every 3 weeks or so. The theme this time around is anything Disney, sans Star Wars or Marvel. Pretty big pool to swim in. As I am a judge, I cannot participate. Honestly, there are time that I wish that I could. 

This is one of those times.


Easily some of my favorite films, and yes, I enjoyed Legacy thoroughly. I may be in the minority, but I don't care. 

My choice then for a Disney contest was simple, but what to do? This time it was the art that chose the card, and this is the result.

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Art used is from CGHub is currently having some issues, so this may be unavailable.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Factory Worker Contest 4/4

The Theme

Matty and Brandon chose the theme this time 'round, and 70's and 80's TV shows was picked. Restrictions were limited to live action shows only.

The Sponsors

The home of the contest is the Z's Proxy Factory Google+ Community. Our amazing friends at ManaDeprived and Face to Face Games are the proud sponsors of the contest, with store credit prizes of $40 to first and $10 to second place.

The Entries

TJ Searle
Overall Score - 21
I like the idea of Animal trudging along next to Garruk, but I'm not feeling it with the render. I can see where you wanted to go with the piece, with the frenetic-ness of Animal "scribbling" the card text. It just feels disjointed overall.

This one made me laugh but its a little hard on the eyes for me. I would have found an illustrated drawing of animal and it would have worked better. 
Adequate choice in terms of the beast, but I do not see green card at all except for the mana symbols. The mixture of color/font effect is a bit hard on the eyes. When choosing images look for ones that don't have so much compression. Rule of thumb: if you have to blow the art up a lot, don't use it.

Chad G
Overall Score - 21.5
Another flavor win. I agree with Brandon that the execution is on the vanilla side, The spill is well executed, and I like the rebel expansion symbol. Pay attention to the negative space in the text box, it's quite sparse.

YEEEE HAAAA man flavor is great but the execution is a little lacking. I would have loved to see you find some illustrations of the car jumping and worked with that in a super art frame.
Flavor fits for sure. Spill is executed well. I do think the approach is on the vanilla safe side. Expand your wheelhouse to make every element of the card part of your subject.

Tony McCallie
Overall Score - 22.25
Perfect flavor, and the facial expressions just make this amazing. The execution of the piece leans more to the safe side. The idea is perfect, now expand your horizons and see what happens!

NORM!! man the flavor here takes me back. Well done Tony! The photo extractions are a bit off and the detail work is a little sloppy but well done!
Outstanding choice on the card/flavor here. Where this breaks down a bit for me is in execution. There is quite a bit of noticeable jpeg compression in both images which makes it very difficult to spill the images and not look patchy, always search for the best quality art you can find. Its very noticeable the this was a photo edit on images of the cards instead of the clean look a template would provide. This idea executed cleanly would score much,much higher.

Jake Roberts
Overall Score - 23.25
This may be just too many elements smashed together The most out-of-place elements are the original font for the title, and the Portal icons in the power and toughness box. They jump out as not belonging in that space. I like the texture, and agree that the water mark is in a very conspicuous location.

Love me some black adder. Very well done. Love the oil painting effect but I agree with my fellow judges that water stain is very distracting.
The flavor is great is terms of the serpent. Overall very nice execution on many of the card elements. I do find the water stain awkward on the hand and keep trying to figure out what the guitar pick thing is it looks like he is holding. Left edge of title and P/T hugging the edge a bit close. 

Thomas Driessen
Overall Score - 24
The sheer volume of work can sometimes detract from other aspects of a render. The wheel is so good, but the rules text is simply unreadable. I like that you used the FUT symbols in the wheel, though I'd have liked to see it land on a 7 for flavors sake. The nib for the selection is a nice touch, but the title bar should fill the newly created space.

I really do love how the animated gif provides you with a whole new dimension to what is possible but it does make judging these a little hard. I think the idea is very tight and well executed though. Good work.
Cool idea with the animated gif. I'm not sure where I stand on the idea of multi-framed animations as proxies, but it is an interesting idea. For the sake of judging I'll use the last frame (Watch your center point on circular tweens though :). Its clear alot of work went into this and a nice job on creating a cohesive idea with the runes as WoF tiles. I really like the inverse miracle title as wheel of fortune picker. The tiles are a bit hard to read and we are missing a cardtype. 

Steven Corrigan
Overall Score - 24
I mentioned it in the comments, and must here again. I don't know how to judge this. The work is phenomenal for sure, with an amazing job of making the frame elements appear painted in. But the contest was for 70's and 80's television, and while both the Muppets and Doctor Who qualify, the 11th Doctor does not. Now, the Doctor could conceivably work, as it's the same character at heart, but River Song is a modern addition. I must score this, so I will split it with the 5. Following the theme has to matter.

When I saw this I knew this was the one to beat this month. What can I say but MINDBLOWIN. The theme is so sweet and muppet babies just works perfectly here. I do agree that covering up a lot of the text box does usually result in a few points being taking off but I just love this one!
I really love how your reworked everything is this card to be a part of it. Insane attention to detail. Title bar and rules text areas are off the hook. I do wish that i could see more of the card text (similiar to Eye Gouge), especially since you spent so much time on it. It's my view that if you are going to cover that much up then it should just become a textless card, but thats only my aesthetic opinion. Overall crazy good job.

Adam Keener
Overall Score - 26.5
So many possibilities here and I feel like you took the easy way out. The title could have been in the original Police Box back-lit style, instead it just feels like it was pasted on. Keep pushing and expanding your horizons.

This is just perfectly layed out. Really well done. Love everything about it but the font not being dead.
Man this is really solid. Flavor is a dead on hit. Simple and to the point. There really isn't a better way of fitting the tardis into a card frame better. Only miss I see is the "notice" area on the original has a serif font top half and sans-serif bottom. A simple, flavorful, well thought out idea executed cleanly will always get high marks from me. Well done.  

Ryan Fazulak
Overall Score - 27.5
Nice Airzooka expansion symbol! This is an amazing render. Perfect art/show choice for Aetherling. I know your skill set is better than this would suggest. There are plenty of touches that could have been done to the frame to take this that one step further.

Very good job Ryan! Flavor is spot on and the overall visual impact is very good. I so could see this looking sweet in foil. Well done
This is probably the most flavorful choice of art I have seen for Aetherling so far. Very nice editing job on the original image and clean execution. Couple things I notice is that the type line seems bolder than the title and I would have liked to see your expansion symbol without the white outline so it didn't pop off the card quite so much. Very nice job.

The Winners

In second this week is a familiar name, and the podium is no stranger to him. Trevor takes home consolation with his Skullcrack.
/me plays "Pomp and Circumstance" The art is great, and I love the frame choice, but you know what get's my juices going the most? You accurately left off the hologram as Skullcrack is an uncommon. The attention to detail is superb, though the only changes you made were removing the background texture and adding the old school WWF as expansion symbol. Never stop pushing the envelope!
This feel so much like the 80's and Randy that it made me immediately say OHHHH YAAAAAAAA. Pretty sure you nailed this one.
This is incredible. Amazing choice of art that oozes with flavor given the name of the card. "Instant" visual impact. I like the white frame choice here. I would have liked to see you update the textures on the templated parts to mesh with the bold, in your face aspects of the art and for there to be no highlight on the colored-frame. Love this.
Taking first is Patrick with his homage to the late, great, Bob Ross.
Almost perfect. Really amazing idea! The desaturation line is a tad too pronounced, you could achieve the same look with manually painting in the layer masks for a more subtle transition. Great job, I love this piece!
How about I put a little 9 riiiiiiiiiiiiiiight here and next to him his two little buddies 2 and 5 . . oh don't they look soo happy sitting there together.
I loved this idea from the first time you posted it. Bob Ross doing a painting of a forest and mountain scene is so perfect. I love the top half of the card so much that it fixes some of the problems the bottom has. Desaturating/Opacity masking takes away from the painterly, Bob Ross-y parts and I think a more colorful solution would have easily bumped this to 10.  

Total Scores

Patrick D - Taiga - 28.25
Trevor Davis - Skullcrack - 28
Ryan Fazulak - Aetherling - 27.5
Adam Keener - Time Walk - 26.5
Seven Corrigan - Illusion of Grandeur - 24
Thomas Driessen - Wheel of Fortune - 24
Jake Roberts - Serpent Assassin - 23.25
Tony McCallie - Chalice of Life/Death - 22.25
Chad G - Aerial Maneuver - 21.5
TJ Searle - Garruks Companion - 21

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