Community Binder Project

The Reason

An anyone who follows me on Twitter, or has heard via the SVU Cast, I suffer from depression. It makes me who I am, so I tend to eschew medication. There are moments that I desperately need to smile, and cracking my binder and seeing these cards will be the catalyst in those moments. A bit sappy, but this means the world to me.

The Cards

Pics of the cards that are in the binder will be added again eventually. I'm mad lazy.

How To Participate

Just tweet me @TheProxyGuy or email me and we can work something out. Thanks to all for their participation. Official Twitter hashtag is #CommunityBinder. Now the best part, I want you to steal this idea! Create your own personal, permanent, MTG heirloom. We are a massive and varied community, and this might be the only way many of us every get to physically interact.

Links to Other Community Binders

Have you started your own binder? I'd love to hear about it and spread the word. You can let me know via Twitter or email me,

Franky Richards -

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